Southerner: question and answer

Photo by Griffin Dunn.

Photo by Griffin Dunn.

By Christy Ulmet and Griffin Dunn

A group of Trevecca freshmen are hoping to make it in Music City. Austin Lord, David Riddle, Mitch Schneider and Sam Jennings, freshmen, all met last fall and formed their band “Southerner” for the fun of playing music. “Southerner is our leisure time, but it’s the most fulfilling leisure time,” they said.

How did you come together?

Lord: I was asked to play at the Freshman Bonfire in November, and I wanted to do it as a band. I’d just recently heard David play at a Back Porch Session. I was in Jazz Combo [class] with Mitch, and I knew that Sam was a solid drummer, so I asked all of them.

Riddle: From my perspective, it was actually this: he [Austin] asked me to play banjo for an event. I had only heard good things about him, and he seemed like a pretty cool cat. So I say yes under the assumption that I was playing banjo for this cat. Next thing I know, there’s other people and the idea of “Southerner” was being formulated before I even knew [laughs].

Describe your musical style as a group.

Jennings: We lean closer to folk rock than any other genre.

Riddle: Overall, ambient folk rock.

Schneider: Flip genres [laughs].

How do you manage time among classes, social life, various music lessons and “Southerner”?

Lord: When we started this band, we signed a pact. We said God was going to be in the middle of this and that we’re doing this whole thing for fun.

Schneider: It’s really busy, but it’s awesome.

Riddle: It’s pretty much secondary to everything in our lives.

Jennings: Yeah, we kind of just do it at our own convenience.

You’ve only been a group for three months. Are you satisfied with your progress so far?

Riddle: I feel like we’ve made good headway; I guess so. Only two real months going at it, I think we’ve done pretty well.

Lord: I was pretty happy with that YouTube video [A Song For Old Songs(Live in Racquetball Courts)], being the only thing we’ve put out so far. There[have been] a lot of people that seem interested in us.

What can people expect from you in the near future?

Jennings: We just finished recording a new song, “Sake of My Sorrow,” which will be out soon. We’re planning on playing more shows around town also.

Schneider: We don’t have any super set plans for the future.

Lord: But we’ve said we’re [going to] make an EP, and we want to do Nashville shows and a miniature tour in the summer and have cool [merchandise].

*This article originally appeared in the January 2013 Trevechoes.

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