Unique gifts and fun shopping adventures available in Nashville

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 6.25.29 PMBy Christy Ulmet

Hey Rooster General Store

If you ever find yourself on an adventure in East Nashville needing some-thing to do, stop in at Hey Rooster General Store. From flavored marshmallows to tea towels to handmade jewelry, you can find nearly anything at this charming little store.

Located in the heart of East Nashville, Hey Rooster General Store opened its doors for the first time this past spring. Its owner and maker of most of the jewelry in the store is a proud Nashville native, Courtney Webb.

Webb grew up in Nashville, moved north to Brooklyn and owned a store there for a while. She then found her way back to Nashville.

With a focus on handmade and U.S. made items, Webb has an eye for unique little trinkets. Many of the items she sells come from friends she has made through selling her items at nearly every market in Brooklyn.

Stop in and check out all that Hey Rooster General Store has to offer. Check out their Facebook page for a sample of some of the items they sell and for their store hours. Find Hey Rooster at 1106 Gallatin Pike, Nashville.

The Groove Nashville

Here in Music City, good music stores make great shopping stops.

The Groove Nashville is a locally-owned vinyl and CD store that is here to serve. Its co-owners, John Moore and Louis Charette, both grew up collecting records. The two always dreamed of opening a record store and felt that it was necessary to open one up in a place that was lacking a music store-East Nashville.

Originally located at Five Points, the store moved into a house in 2010. With a homey feel, The Groove exists to serve its customers. If the store does not have an album a customer is looking for, they will find where they can get it and make it available for the customer.

“We have a pretty personal approach to our customers. We like to have a family-type feel here. We want people to feel comfortable when they’re here,” Moore said.

The Groove is also proud to call it-self a venue, with a stage outside in the back and a stage inside the store. For a list of concert dates and special deals, check out their website at thegroove-nashville.com.

Bring in your used records and CD’s and get store credit or cash, too. Stop by The Groove at 1103 Calvin Avenue, Nashville.


Bookman/Bookwoman is any reader’s dream come true. The store is filled from floor to ceiling with all sorts of books. With authors like Edgar Allen Poe to C.S. Lewis, there is a little some-thing for every type of reader.

The store opened its doors so that the co-owners, Saralee and Larry Woods, could have an excuse to sell their books. With a collection of over 100,000 books, the couple needed to find a place to store their books. Originally located across the street from its current location in Hillsboro Village, the store has been open 18 years.

Before it moved locations, the store was simply called Bookman. As it moved and expanded, its name changed. Bookwoman was added; it came from the expansion of a new room in the store and helped the store become what is now.

Bookman/Bookwoman is known for its wide variety of books, including rare volumes and first editions of books.

“We’re a hybrid of brand new and used,” Saralee Woods said.

Bookman/Bookwoman also accepts used books and gives store credit for them. Check out their website, book-manbookwoman.com, for a list of special sales. Visit them at 1713 21st Avenue South, Nashville.

This article originally appeared in the Thanksgiving 2013 TrevEchoes.

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