Getting active in Nashville: look beyond a gym membership

By Christy Ulmet

Every year gym membership sales skyrocket as people resolve to be fit in the New Year. But going to the gym can get redundant. Here are a few things you can do to make accomplishing your goals a lot more fun.

Greenway Trails
Treadmills are boring. Take a break from the machine and spend some time on one of Nashville’s greenway trails. Many of the trails in Nashville wind around the Percy Priest Dam, forest areas and open fields. With over 190 miles of greenway in Davidson County, there are all sorts of terrains to choose from.

Take a walk, go running or ride your bike. The goal of these trails was to get a place within two miles of every community for recreation and transportation as well as to conserve green space, particularly floodplains and scenic viewsheds, along county waterways.

Visit Parks-and-Recreation/Greenways-and-Trails/Maps.aspx to look at the trail maps.

Climb Nashville
Rock climbing is a fun way to get active and challenge yourself away from the gym. Climb Nashville is an indoor climbing facility with 40-foot walls and over 12,000 square feet of climbing space. There are lessons available for the novice climbers, as well as additional fitness classes like yoga and ab strength training classes. The climbing routes are changed regularly, so that there is always a new path to climb.

Gear rentals are available, with equipment like shoes, harnesses, chalk and belay devices; helmets are free to use when climbing. Before using the facilities, all climbers must fill out waivers, which are available online or onsite.

For more information about the facility hours and pricing, visit

This article originally appeared in the January 2014 TrevEchoes.

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