New marketing campaign plays up Nashville

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By Christy Ulmet

If you read the 2013 President’s Report, it should come as no surprise that Trevecca is playing
up its location.

Nearly every other page has the phrase “A Christian University in the heart of Nashville” in big bolded letters.

Trevecca has taken the approach many other colleges and universities have taken in drawing people in through the location.

In 2012, Nashville soared to number one on TripAdvisor’s “Top 15 U.S. Destinations on the Rise.” In 2013, Nashville hit Forbes’ Magazine’s “Best Cities for Jobs” list. Business Insider voted Nashville number nine on its “Hottest American Cities of the Future” list in 2012. With Nashville in the spotlight, Trevecca is hoping to grab some of that attention.

“Nashville’s a pretty hot city right now, and we’d be silly not to use that as a major tool to bring students to this great university,” Matt Toy, director of marketing and communications, said. “This is just the beginning.”

The marketing department will be launching a video this coming March to continue Trevecca’s Nashville marketing campaign.

“We see a lot of students on social media say, ‘Man I can’t wait to come study in Nashville.’ We’re seeing that more and more,” Toy said.

Greg Steward, admissions counselor, also noted the student interest in the city.

“I go to college fairs all the time. When I tell someone we’re located in downtown Nashville, they
get really excited about the school,” Steward said.

Trevecca’s marketing department is pushing the location for numerous reasons.

“We really want to embrace the city beyond just the cool music side that’s hard to ignore. There
are so many needs in this city that we can connect to,” Toy said. “Some people view Trevecca’s location as a negative. But really, it’s our greatest opportunity. We can walk outside the doors of our campus and find real need, and that is an education in itself.”
Bill Haslam, Governor of Tennessee, added his input on the university in the President’s Report as well.
“Trevecca is an incredibly valuable asset for Tennessee. From a strong focus on academics, to
ministry involvement in the Nashville community, to expansion of degree-completion programs that help working adults complete their degree, Trevecca has developed and will continue to develop young leaders for Tennessee and the world,” Haslam said.

With Trevecca’s student involvement in out-reach ministries around the city, the school’s location is shaping young adults to help meet the needs of those around them.

“Beyond the fact that we’re two miles from Broadway, we’re two blocks from people in need. And that’s pretty significant,” Toy said.

This article originally appeared in the January 2014 TrevEchoes.

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