Annual TWIRP week encourages girls to flip things around, ask guys out

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Photo by Griffin Dunn.

By Christy Ulmet

Love was in the air last week as Trevecca held its annual TWIRP week. Trevecca’s young ladies received candy grams in their mailboxes from the men of Benson Hall, and the men hid from the women in rapid pursuit.

Each year Trevecca’s Student Government Association, or SGA, hosts TWIRP week leading up to Valentine’s Day. During TWIRP week, or Trevecca Women in Rapid Pursuit week, women
are encouraged to ask men on dates. During this year’s TWIRP week, four events were hosted by various student groups at Trevecca.

The week’s events began Wednesday night with Cupid’s Big Fat Love Extravaganza, hosted by the sophomore class. The event centered around a newlywed game, in which newly married couples at Trevecca were questioned about their partner’s interest.

Along with the newlywed game, SGA provided fun games for attendees, like spin the bottle, but with a more Trevecca-appropriate twist. Students would draw a little slip of paper out of a cup with a silly little objective they had to perform. “(We) had a better turnout that expected,” Griffin Dunn, sophomore communications director, said.

About 70 were in attendance, making the room very lively. Cupid’s Big Fat Love Extravaganza ended with the signing of a poster, in which stu-dents had the opportunity to write their names and numbers, and take a number of somebody to call or text.

TWIRP week continued with Benson Brew Friday night, put on by Johnson and Benson Hall RHAs. Five groups of Trevecca students performed in Ben-son’s basement.

A photo booth was set up, and some refreshments were set up to accommodate attendees. The Johnson and Benson RHA groups hope to host another Benson Brew event together, as this one had so much success, Sophie Green, freshman Johnson Hall RHA representative said.

On Saturday night, the senior class hosted their annual movie night with a free showing of “Thor: The Dark World,” at the Carmike Bellevue 8, better known as the two dollar theater. Though the event is normally held on campus, the senior class tried something different by hosting the event off-campus.

Though the event normally has had a fairly good turnout in the past, less than 20 were in attendance.

“Having the event off campus probably made it less convenient for people,” Jon Brooks, senior class president, said.

TWIRP week came to a close Sunday night in TSAC with The Bachelor Degree, hosted by the junior class.

“The junior class council knew they would be taking a risk in hosting the event, because Trevecca has neverhosted an event like this before,” Jasmine Stiles-Barnes, junior class president, said.

Nine young men were chosen to be bachelors for the night. The room was lined with nine tables, one for each bachelor. In the middle of the room was a sitting area where observers were welcome to watch the event. At the center of the table was a description of what each bachelor’s interests were, along with a rose. Young ladies had an opportunity to walk the room and choose which bachelor they wanted to meet, based on the anonymous bios.

Once everybody chose a table, bachelors were revealed and the young ladies were able to interact with them. The hosts, Kara Dekker and Joey Hutton, walked around to each table prompting conversation starters and helping people feel more comfortable. At the end of the night, each bachelor announced who they chose to go on a date with by giving them a rose.

This year’s TWIRP week has come and gone, and some students have left with new significant others, while others are coming out of their yearly “TWIRP week hiding” ritual.

This article originally appeared in the February 2014 TrevEchoes.

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