Nashville hangouts: what to do and where to go for spring break

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Photo by Griffin Dunn.

By Christy Ulmet

Pinewood Social
Pinewood Social is a new hangout destination just south of the city across from Nashville’s famous Crema coffee shop on Hermitage Avenue. Located in one big, open room, Pinewood Social

is a great place to work on homework, lounge around, have a meal, go bowling or have a cup of coffee.

The owners are in the early stages of planning an outdoor lounging area and pool as well. Open only since December of last year, Pinewood was an experiment started by two brothers, Benjamin and Max Goldberg. The two are co-owners of five restaurants in Nashville, all making up what is called Strategic Hospitality.

The Goldberg brothers have been working on different restaurant projects since 2006 and are proud to call Pinewood Social their latest experiment. In its two months of operation, the res-taurant has been booming morning ‘til night. Open from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. on weekends, Pinewood Social is meant to be a place that people can come at any time of the day and have something to do.

The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night dishes to accommodate people throughout the entire day. Pinewood Social gets its name from the wood used in the bowling alley, which was taken from an old bowling alley in Indiana. You really can spend a whole day at Pinewood Social, and you’ll want to once you get there.

Sky High Sports
Imagine a building full of trampolines and foam pits, and you’ve got Sky High Sports. The building is separated into sections ranging from a dodge ball court, to a foam diving pit, to a jumping area. The dodge ball court has trampolines on both the floor and the walls and almost always has a nonstop game running for people to jump in and play. The foam diving pit features a platform and a rope to swing off of into the foam pit. The jumping area has an open area with trampolines on the floors and walls where people go to show off their best tricks.

Go to Sky High Sports on the weekend for a set price of $12 for the day, or go Monday though Friday for $12 for the first hour, and $6 for more hours. Sky High Sports is located off of Harding
Place, just past the airport in Donelson.

For more pricing information and for directions, visit

Fall Creek Falls
If you’re an outdoorsy person, camping would be perfect for a short getaway. Fall Creek Falls, a Tennessee state park, is located two hours east of Nashville. The park stretches more than 26,000 acres and features a 256 feet-high waterfall that is one of the highest waterfalls in the eastern United States.

Whether you’re there for the week or you’re only staying the night, there is always enough to do to get your money’s worth. Campgrounds range from $8-$25, and each site has tables, grills, water, electricity and is served by six bathhouses. Cabins range from $115-$155 and can sleep up to 10 people.

The park also has a playground, sand volleyball pit, and field perfect for playing sports. There are trails throughout the woods for hiking as well.

For more information, visit

If you haven’t visited Chattanooga yet, you most definitely should take the trip out there. Located two hours southeast of Nashville, Chattanooga is buzzing with excitement. The Tennessee Aquarium and the Hunter Museum of American Art sit right in the heart of downtown Chattanooga.

There are places to adventure just outside of downtown as well. Lookout Mountain offers views of the hills of Tennessee and is home to three other attractions: Ruby Falls, Incline Railway and Rock City.

A local restaurant right outside the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga called Yellow Deli has great sandwiches, tea and lattes and is a great place to go for lunch. Fill a car and take a road trip to Chattanooga for a day or two, and you’ll be glad you did.

For more ideas of what to do in Chattanooga, visit

This article originally appeared in the February 2014 TrevEchoes.

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