Student government implements changes to structure

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 4.35.56 PMBy Christy Ulmet

A change in the structure of the Student Government Association on campus will mean more defined roles and specific job duties.

SGA serves as the voice of students on campus to administrators and votes on policies that affect everything from social life to meal plans to resident life.

There will no longer be a student services position. Instead of one communication director and one social life director overseeing all events and publicity, each of those directors will now be able to hire four people to help them with their duties. In the past they oversaw committees that were elected posi-tions from class councils and volunteers.

“This change will really strengthen the social life and communications committees. These are such big positions. SGA is always planning events and needing ways to advertise them. To have four extra hands on deck for those committees will add a lot to student government and it’ll really strengthen what we can do,” Sydney Maxfield, associated student body president, said.

Class councils will now have five members, instead of six and their jobs will be more clearly defined so they get to do the work they signed up to do.

Tim Bergman, senior class director of communications, has strong expectations for the future of SGA. “This [change] will allow for better communication between the students, SGA and administration,” Bergman said.

The editors of the DARDA and the TrevEchoes will no longer serve on the executive council. The TIA director will also leave the executive council and serve on the social life committee. These three positions are appointed, not elected, so they will no longer vote in SGA meetings.

Matt Spraker, associate dean of students for community life, helped finalize the new structure.

“I’m excited to see how this [change] goes. I’ve always been for the classes having a little bit more say, (the class representatives will allow for more opinions from class to class)and the class councils being able to give more attention to their classes,” Spraker said.

Petitions for those interested in the communication and social life com-mittee positions will be available at the SGA booth and in Student Development and are to be turned in to the student
development office by this Friday.

This article originally appeared in the March 2014 TrevEchoes.

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