Urban farm to host its first event in new barn

barndanceBy Christy Ulmet

The urban farm staff is gearing up to host its first event in the farm’s new barn, which sits behind the Redford and Shingler apartments.

On Saturday, April 25, both students from the Trevecca community and local farmers from the Nashville area are invited to the Urban Farm’s first barn dance.

The farm staff has been cleaning out the barn and preparing for the event for the past few days.

“Farm dances are a great way for farmers to get together. I thought it would be a great way to get that community and our community connected,” said Jason Adkins, who serves as the university’s environmental projects coordinator in addition to running the urban farm.

When the floor plans for the barn were laid out, Adkins wanted to make sure that there was plenty of room in between all of the animal stalls so that the urban farm could host events.

“We’re excited to open [the barn] up to a larger group of people, and have people enjoy this great new barn that Trevecca has built,” Adkins added.

Saturday evening’s event will include a line-dancing lesson, followed by time to line dance, as well as music and baby goats. In other words, you’re missing out if you don’t go.

Event information:


Free for kids

There will be animals in the stalls during the event so that the guests can see what Trevecca’s urban farm is up to.

For parking information and directions, click here.

This article originally appeared on the TrevEchoes Online website.


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