Nazarene General Superintendent speaks in chapel


Dr. Gustavo Crocker visited campus on Thursday, Oct. 29.

By Christy Ulmet

Students who want to make a change in the world must have a sense of urgency and be discontented with the status quo, said Gustavo Crocker, General Superintendent for the Church of the Nazarene.
“We have to be willing to do things that are currently unacceptable to the world, but are acceptable to Jesus,” Crocker said. “We need to be able to ask ourselves, ‘What is not right?’ At times we will have to speak for the voiceless—that’s not popular. At times we will have to challenge the status quo—that’s not popular, but Jesus will honor that.”

Urban Farm amps up conservation efforts with living roof


The living roof above the chicken coop offers insulation and food for the animals.

By Christy Ulmet

Strawberries, mint, rye, clover and tomatoes are growing on top of the chicken coop on campus as one of the Urban Farm’s latest projects.

The living roof was planted in June of 2015 to both provide insulation to the coop and another place to grow fruits and vegetables. Continue reading

Moving in

By Christy Ulmet

The day has finally come: move-in day.

Four families, 13 people, are realizing the dream of being able to call Castanea their home.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 4.09.24 PM

Castanea: phase one*

Castanea, an apartment building located just northwest of Trevecca’s campus, is a project that began nearly six years ago, when a group of people had a vision of what an intentional Christian community in south Nashville’s Chestnut Hill neighborhood would look like. Continue reading

Walden Woods: creating community

By Christy Ulmet

Professors and alums are out walking dogs, jogging around the neighborhood, and enjoying the morning. Trees are lined down the middle of the streets and sidewalks invite pedestrians to stroll through.

This paints a picture of what the new proposed neighborhood just east of campus will someday look like. The project, Walden Woods at Trevecca, dreamed up some 25 years ago, is underway. Two new houses stand completed on Nance Lane where some previous homes once stood before being torn down to make way for the neighborhood. These will be the front of what will someday be known as Walden Woods at Trevecca. Continue reading

Bees Get Degrees

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 3.37.11 PMA man in a cotton jacket with a hood and a netted mask opens up a wood encasing to reveal a world of thousands of bees buzzing about. The worker bees are busy making honey, while the drone bees mate and the queen bee is on her own endeavor laying eggs. These bees have been up since sunrise and will be hard at work until sunset, filling the box they call their home at Trevecca Nazarene University with honey.

More than 100,000 bees have made their home among the chickens on campus. Continue reading