PA program honors director, presents award

By Christy Ulmet

Most people knew him simply as “Doc.”

Known for his great intelligence and intimidating presence, Dr. G. Michael Moredock became, in many ways, the face of Trevecca’s Physician Assistant program. In 2012, Moredock was diagnosed with a brain tumor and retired from the program he had led for 26 years.

Three years later, on April 14, 2015, Moredock lost his battle with cancer.

On July 31, Trevecca’s PA program honored Moredock’s memory by awarding the first Dr. G. Michael Moredock PA Award at their annual graduation ceremony. Chelsea Peterson was the first recipient. Continue reading

Trevecca cycles the city


Photo submitted by Don Kintner

By Christy Ulmet

Every Saturday morning during the fall semester, you can find a pack of Trevecca students cycling their way through various neighborhoods in Nashville. Don Kintner, professor of psychology and management & human relations leads the way.

The class is based off of a theme that he calls Gemeinschaft, the German word for close, intimate community. In the class, students learn about various neighborhoods and subcultures by exploring their neighborhoods via bicycle. Kintner began teaching his Urban Sociology class more than 20 years ago, but added the bicycles to the mix in 2010.  Continue reading