Four Trevecca faculty to retire this month

By Christy Ulmet and Bailey Basham

At the end of the semester, four long-time faculty members will retire.

Trevecca employs about 100 faculty members, according to Steve Pusey, university provost. Each year around three to four faculty retire.

Here are some short stories about this year’s retirees.

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Secretary of State partners with universities to get millennials to vote

By Christy Ulmet and Bailey Basham

The Tennessee Secretary of State is emphasizing the importance of the college student voice in national elections as  part of a statewide effort to get millennials to vote.
Last summer, SGA President Sarah Hogan, along with faculty advisor and associate dean of students for community life Matt Spraker, attended a luncheon for Tennessee university student body presidents and their advisors at the state capitol building. The event, hosted by Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett, was geared towards getting college students to register to vote. Continue reading

President Boone takes on initiative to lower student debt

By Christy Ulmet
Trevecca’s president is unveiling a new plan that he hopes will allow students to work in exchange for part of their tuition.
Dan Boone’s dream of allowing students to work for money that will reduce their student debt is in the be-ginning stages with the formation of a task force and plans to pilot some form of the program next fall.
“I resolve to find a way to reduce the debt of graduating students at Trevecca while simultaneously reducing the growing cost of unfunded aid to students,” Boone recently wrote on his personal blog.

Trevecca’s urban farm animals get a home

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Photo by Christy Ulmet

By Christy Ulmet

Within the next few days, Trevecca’s urban farm animals will have a new place to call home. The urban farm, which is used as an outdoor classroom for the environmental justice classes, is in the process of building a state-of-the-art barn to house and protect its goats, pigs, guard dogs and chickens. 
The barn, which is set to be completed within the upcoming week, will be 60 ft. x 48 ft in area. There will be 10 stalls, two rows of five separated by a 24 foot-long middle aisle. 
In the past year, Jason Adkins, environmental projects coordinator and farm operator, has realized the need for the security of the barn the hard way. The farm has lost numerous animals as a result of some security threats.

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Dating through the decades at Trevecca: a look back

By Christy Ulmet

Trevecca has always been a place where people fall in love. We caught up with a few couples who told us their stories of dating through the decades.
Dr. Leroy Pepper, associate professor of history and political science and class of 1970, begins to tell his love story in his office on the second floor of Tidwell, and suddenly he is taken back to the summer of 1969 at a campground in north Florida. He and his wife Martha had already met at Trevecca, but they were both in serious relationships through school. That summer, though, they reconnected, and both of them were single. 

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Breaking up is hard to do, especially on social media


Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 5.06.43 PMBy Christy Ulmet

Jami Dendler and her boyfriend had just broken up. It was the typical “we’ll still be friends” kind of thing, but then she looked and realized he’d deleted her on Facebook. She went on Instagram, and he’d unfollowed her and made his profile private; same thing on twitter. Jami texted him, and his response was “I’m sorry, who is this?”

Basically, he’s deleted Jami from his life, she said.

The digital age has brought breakups to an all new level of drama. It is nearly impossible to go through a breakup quietly with Facebook in the picture, and many Trevecca students and faculty members have taken notice. Continue reading

Nashville hangouts: what to do and where to go for spring break

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Photo by Griffin Dunn.

By Christy Ulmet

Pinewood Social
Pinewood Social is a new hangout destination just south of the city across from Nashville’s famous Crema coffee shop on Hermitage Avenue. Located in one big, open room, Pinewood Social

is a great place to work on homework, lounge around, have a meal, go bowling or have a cup of coffee.

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Annual TWIRP week encourages girls to flip things around, ask guys out

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 12.55.17 PM

Photo by Griffin Dunn.

By Christy Ulmet

Love was in the air last week as Trevecca held its annual TWIRP week. Trevecca’s young ladies received candy grams in their mailboxes from the men of Benson Hall, and the men hid from the women in rapid pursuit.

Each year Trevecca’s Student Government Association, or SGA, hosts TWIRP week leading up to Valentine’s Day. During TWIRP week, or Trevecca Women in Rapid Pursuit week, women
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