National study on sexual assault puts spotlight on college campuses

By Christy Ulmet

Though a new national study reports that one in five American women are sexually assaulted while in college, there are no official reports of a sexual assault in Trevecca’s crime records which go back 17 years.

Steve Harris, associate provost and dean of student development, said a student did report a sexual assault and file criminal charges sometime in the early 2000s, but charges were dropped in court.

“Anything that goes on in the broader world, and even in the Nashville community, can happen here. Just because we’re a Christian college doesn’t mean we’re immune from that. Whatever is happening around us is still a threat here,” Harris said. Continue reading

New marketing campaign plays up Nashville

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By Christy Ulmet

If you read the 2013 President’s Report, it should come as no surprise that Trevecca is playing
up its location.

Nearly every other page has the phrase “A Christian University in the heart of Nashville” in big bolded letters.

Trevecca has taken the approach many other colleges and universities have taken in drawing people in through the location. Continue reading

“The Contributor” to undergo changes

Photo by Griffin Dunn.

Photo by Griffin Dunn.

By Christy Ulmet

Thursday, January 16. It is cold and windy. Julio stands at his usual spot that he’s claimed as his every day for a year now-next to the post office. Yellow tag around his neck, newspapers in hand, he gives a shy smile as cars go by, and people walk in and out of the post office. A man walks up, hands him some change, and Julio hands over a newspaper with a simple, “Thanks, man.”

Every morning, nearly 400 vendors hit the streets of Nashville and its surrounding suburbs to sell “The Contributor,” a newspaper that provides the homeless and formerly homeless with an income. Continue reading

Trevecca students get involved with Operation Christmas Child

By Christy Ulmet

A small girl sat in a room with walls covered in colorful paint at an orphanage in a small village in Russia. A group of missionaries came to visit the orphanage and handed her a shoebox neatly wrapped in red and green paper. She opened it to find toys and simple necessities like a toothbrush and tooth-paste. At the bottom was a photo of the children who sent the shoebox.

This is the story of Oksana Nelson. As a young girl, Nelson received a shoe-box from Operation Christmas Child, a ministry project of Samaritan’s Purse. Continue reading

Five contestants advance in Trojan Idol

Photo by Griffin Dunn.

Photo by Griffin Dunn.

By Christy Ulmet

Tuesday night began the 10th year of one of Trevecca’s most attended events: Trojan Idol. The evening attracted some 450 people who lined up at the entrance nearly an hour before the doors opened for the show.

At the end of the show, when all ballots were counted, the crowd came back together to find out who would move on to the final round. Of the 10 original finalists, five advanced: Kathleen Freeh, junior; Craig Tibbs, freshman; Jordan Guthrie, senior; TJ Magee, freshman; and Johnny Knotts, senior. Continue reading

Trevecca lags behind peer schools in sending students abroad

bestsemester_logo_orangeBy Christy Ulmet

Deborah Givens sits around a table with four girls from her apartment eating a bit of pita, a dab of jam, a few fried eggs and sipping tea. Outside, they hear chants coming from local mosques. She heads off to her Arabic Language class where she is greeted by her instructor with “Marahaba,” meaning hello in Arabic.

She continues her day with a few more classes and some lunch. She and her friends head out to visit a friend in Bethlehem, but not before passing a flock of sheep scattered in front of them.

As they pass through the check-point, the students watch a group of Arab men pause to do their midday prayers. They unroll their prayer rugs on the edge of a parking lot kneeling towards Mecca.

Givens, senior interpersonal communications major, spent last spring semester in Jerusalem taking classes and immersing herself in local culture.

She is one of 28 Trevecca students who have spent a semester studying abroad or off-campus in the past 11 years. Studying away from Trevecca’s campus through study abroad programs offers students the opportunity to be a part of a new community and a new culture, while getting college credit. Continue reading

Athletic department looking to increase attendance to fill bleachers

Photo by Sophie Green.

Photo by Sophie Green.

By Christy Ulmet
Historically, the Homecoming basketball game at Trevecca means a packed gym. The student section is overflowing with loud Trojan supporters. 
But by the next week, the stands are back to half-full. 
As Trevecca moves to an NCAA Division II athletic program, the athletic director and a few dedicated students are trying to revive school spirit for Trevecca’s athletes.

Continue reading